Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hi Everyone,

My name is Norma Goddard. I teach 3rd grade in the Los Angeles area of southern California. I've participated in many of Susan's projects in the past and each one has been a wonderful experience for my class and me. It always surprises me how creative our students are when given the opportunity to do so.

School starts the day after Labor Day. As soon as the weather cools down a bit, I will order the ladybug larvae. I guess it is too hot to send them by mail right now. When I taught 2nd grade we had ladybug larvae and as I remember it the children really enjoyed learning about them. Now in 3rd grade we will study their life cycle and see how they have adapted to their environment. I think this will be a great unit to start the year.


Susan Silverman said...

Sarah and I are so thrilled that you are participating in Lucky Ladybugs.
Were your ears burning last June? We presented A Dance With the Butterflies at NECC and talked about your experience.
I know your students are going to love their ladybug unit.

Norma said...

Wow! Dance With the Butterflies was a wonderful experience. The class was so enthusiastic and motivated. It was so exciting for them and me. They didn't let anything stop them even when we didn't have any butterflies to observe. The support and encouragement from you and others in the project meant so much to me.

S McPherson said...

Norma, I'm so glad you are joining this ladybug project and with your experience in other projects you know how exciting it can be. We're looking forward to working with you this fall.