Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Getting started

Well, I'm finally getting started on the Ladybug project. I teach second grade in central New York and Ladybugs are a part of our science curriculum. There's a strong possibility that I'll be teaching computer classes next year instead of second grade which I think will be a fun change of pace. Because of this possible change I've decided I need to become more proficient in using PowerPoint and I need to learn how to use our interactive whiteboard in our computer lab.

So, I'm combining all this into my unit. I'm working on a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the unit on the interactive whiteboard. I want the children to research the life cycle of the ladybug and learn the names of its body parts. My goal is to have links on the PowerPoint to pictures of projects that have been done previously to give the children some ideas on what they can do. (Songs, reports, PowerPoints, drawings, poetry, puppet shows) Being able to select how to research and how to do a presentation on their own is a new concept! However, I think this time of year will be a great time to give it a try. In central New York we're in school until June 22, so keeping the kids involved in learning can be a challenge at times. I haven't been observed yet so I asked my principal today if will observe my introductory lesson when I'm ready and he said he would.

We can get ladybugs with our science kits but they come as adults so basically we watch them crawl around and then die. So, this year I'm going to order the larva through a website so we can observe more of the life cycle. We watched monarch caterpillars in the fall so that will be a nice connection.

If anybody has any other ideas for me I'd be happy to hear them.